Event Overview
Administrative law is deeply intertwined with the institutional complex, bureaucratic cultures, regulatory history and constitutional structure of a country. With an ever increasing number of governance issues become transnational, scholars have begun taking note of the nuanced differences of administrative law between different countries. A burgeoning field of legal studies and political science, discussion on convergence and divergence of administrative law constitute form the foundations to comparative administrative law.

Asian countries share the same historical heritage of legal reception. The modern systems of administrative law in Asia have been profoundly influenced by French, German, English and American administrative law. Nevertheless, after a century of legal reception, each country in Asia has developed its own distinctive mode of regulation and judicial review. Therefore, administrative law in Asia demonstrates the dynamics of local culture, economic development, and legal reform.

Our 2012 workshop, the first of its kind in Asia, which aimed to initiate a discussion of administrative law with a comparative perspective among Asian scholars, saw the coming together of scholars from leading academic institutions across Asia. The workshop created a stage for scholars with a wide range of expertise from different parts of the international community to come together. Which not only encouraged the exchange of ideas, but more importantly the generation of innovative and intellectual discussion contributing to continued advancement in the field of comparative administrative law. After a notable opening speech by keynote speaker Susan Rose-Ackerman, scholars presented work-in-progress papers, each subject to intensive discussions and debates from their peers. Further information regarding the 2012 Comparative and Administrative Law in Asia workshop can be found on our website at:
2012 Comparative Administrative Law in Asia workshop

In 2013, Paul Craig of Oxford and Wojciech Sadurski of Sydney gave the opening and closing speeches. The 2013 workshop took off, building on the success of the inaugural event, further enriching the discourse in the field of comparative administrative law. See more regarding the 2013 Comparative Administrative Law in Asia workshop on our website at:
2013 Comparative Administrative Law in Asia workshop

On June 10-11, of this year (2014), the Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), the Luxembourg University Faculty of Law, the University of Chicago Law School, and the University of Louisville’s Louis D. Brandeis School of Law will host the 9th Administrative Law Discussion Forum at the Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. As with the prior fora, the goal of this 9th Administrative Law Discussion Forum is to bring together a small group of prominent administrative law scholars to discuss matters of common interest. Participants will present individual ideas in a round the table format, and will be subject to query or debate during any stage of a presentation.

With the continued hosting of events in the arena of comparative and administrative law in Asia, we expect to bring out the vibrant environment of comparative administrative law in Asia. We plan to continue this tradition and hold workshops, seminars and discussion forums regularly so as to encourage further exchange of intellectual ideas among scholars from all corners of the world. With the active participation of scholars not only from Asia but also from the global community, we aim to advance the frontier of administrative law.